Wheat combine harvester hydraulic system instructions

1. When inspecting the oil level, all cylinder plungers and pistons should be retracted. If not enough, it should be added. 2. The working oil temperature range of the hydraulic system is generally 30°C to 60°C, and the ideal range is 60°C to 80°C. The highest temperature does not exc-----

Management measures for sows in the delivery room

1. Preparation for sows before childbirth: Before sowing the bed, the sow body should be cleaned and the genital area should be disinfected with a disinfectant containing iodine or acid. 2. Signs of sows giving birth: Sow labor will be restless, feed intake will drop, urethra will have bleeding r-----

Pure water meter simple fault solution

Ultra-pure water machine troubleshooting The device is plugged into the power supply, the power indicator light is off, and the system is dead. Please open the chassis to check if the power cable is loose during transportation and reconnect it. When the power button i-----

How to choose bamboo shoots scientifically

Bamboo shoots are delicious, tender, and non-polluting. They are delicious dishes on the table, and canned bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots, and magnolia slices made by them are deeply loved by consumers. How can we make full use of the resources of bamboo shoots and rationally choose digging ba-----