Pepper pruning yield small tips

Pruning of plants during the growth of peppers can effectively increase the yield of peppers. According to experiments, reasonable pruning of pepper can increase production by 15% to 20%. 1. Pruning time: generally from late July to mid-August. At this time, the first batch of pepper fruits had be-----

Cattle Breeding Technology Beef Fast Fattening 50 Days

Nearly cattle farms have adopted a new cattle-breeding technology - beef cattle short-term fattening, only about 50 days, is the beef cattle become fat body thick, fresh meat, but also a net increase of about 200 kilograms, the cost of keeping cattle is very low, Better efficiency. The main points-----

Feed formulas for grass carp, herring and trout

(1) Grass carp feed formula (1) rice bran 40%, bran 38%, bean cake 10%, fish meal 10%, yeast powder 2%, the formula bait coefficient is 1.9; if add green feed, bait coefficient is 2.2, The formula is provided by the Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute. (2) Rice straw powder 80%, bean cake 10%-----

Green feed for pulp feeding

In summer and autumn, a variety of green feeds are available. Feeding pigs by green feed is a technological innovation that saves food, reduces feed costs, and raises the economic benefits of raising pigs. It should be strongly advocated and promoted among rural pig farmers and professional farmer-----

Winter soybean planting technology

1. The sowing period of winter soybeans during sowing is quite elastic. The difference in the sowing yield from the beginning of April to the beginning of June is not obvious. In practice, in order to obtain suitable basic seedlings for winter soybeans, and in addition to properly determining the n-----

Corn increases production without pesticides

When you think of increasing production, you think of pesticides. Now that production increases are generally done with pesticides. Here are some ways to introduce to you: promote seedling transplanting, both provincial and increase production. Transplanting corn seedlings is a good measure to save-----