Instant noodles with pickled bell peppers

Plum fish, also known as plum fish, is the first fish family, the first fish, is an important species of marine fishing in China, large production, cheap. Therefore, in general, plum and other low-value fishes are used as raw materials for fish processing. First, accessories red pepper, pepper, gi-----

Safe wintering of live pigs "six measures"

The optimum ambient temperature in the pig house is 15°C to 25°C. Below 5°C or above 30°C, the growth of pigs will be affected and even diseases will occur. Therefore, the winter response pigs adopt special feeding and management methods. Specifically, it should start from the followin-----

How to keep rabbits warm in winter

It has been proved that once the rabbithouse temperature is lower than 5°C, the female rabbit stops estrus and the male rabbit is reduced in libido. Once the temperature of the childbirth box is lower than 15°C, the rabbit is difficult to survive. The following methods can be used for heatin-----

Precautions for frying Chinese medicine

The correctness of traditional Chinese medicine decoction method is related to the curative effect. Pay special attention to the following problems when decoction of traditional Chinese medicine. The first is the appliance. The decocting device is preferably a sand po-----

Sesame stem blight

Symptoms are also known as stalk rot, char rot, blight, Heigen madness, and black stalk madness. The main damage sesame young or aging tissue, mostly in the seedling stage and the incidence of flowering disease. The roots of the diseased seedlings at the seedling stage became brown, and the shoots-----