Winter Layer Breeding Ventilation Management

The suitable temperature for layer ventilation is 13 to 25°C, and the relative humidity is 50% to 70%. Too high and too low will reduce the chicken's egg production rate. In the early fall season, the weather is still hot and the rain is relatively heavy. The chicken house is relatively humi-----

Human gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) ELISA

Kit instruction manual This kit is for research use only. examination range:                                                        -----

3D holographic imaging system comes out

Release date: 2010-11-26 The movie "Star Wars" in the ghost of Princess Lia appeared to the Jedi Knights for help, but the phantom of film shooting skills, but now 3D new technology can be achieved. American researchers have developed a 3D holographic image system that records 3D imag-----

Knowledge of eating tomatoes

Natural pigment tomato red Lycopene is one of the most widely distributed carotene natural pigments in nature. In the leaves of plants, the color of lycopene and other carotenoids is masked by chlorophyll. When the plants enter mature stage, the content of lycopene and other carotenoids can be re-----

How many health risks are related to breakfast

Although everyone knows the phrase "Eat early, eat at noon and eat well late", why do you have to eat well in the morning? Hu Xiaoqi, an associate researcher at the Nutrition Research Institute of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Pr-----