Selected walnuts misunderstanding

First, one-sided thinking that as long as it is grafted seedlings. It is not possible to distinguish between early walnuts and late walnuts, and different cultivation modes and management measures cannot be adopted according to the different ecological characteristics of the varieties. It is often-----

Pig manure fish production and fertilizer technology

Pig manure and production of fertilizer technology because the pig manure itself is not high nutritional value, so the pig manure is not recommended for feeding pigs after fermentation, but it is an excellent feed and fertilizer for fish feed, many fish directly like to eat Fertilized pig manure is-----

Tomatoes "empty" have legal precautions

Tomatoes currently sold on the market have many "hollow" tastes that are bad in taste, directly affecting consumers' desires for purchase and the economic benefits of vegetable farmers. Avoiding this phenomenon is very simple. The direct cause of “hollow fruit” is due to t-----

Water ring vacuum pump working principle

Water ring vacuum pump working principle First, use and scope of use SK series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are used to pump or press gas and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble, solid particles-free gases to create a vacuum or pressure in a closed container -----