Cultivation of Chinese cabbage in summer

It is necessary to choose heat-resistance, disease-resistance, and early-maturing varieties in order to use unripe varieties of high-temperature, rainy or dry summers to adversely affect the growth and development of summer cabbage. Should choose to under the conditions of high temperature and lon-----

Soil moisture control in greenhouses

Greenhouse planting needs to control the temperature and humidity inside, as well as the light intensity, and transform the environment inside into an all-environment environment suitable for plant growth. Here we will introduce the control of the moisture in the greenhouse. The technology of wat-----

Can paddy fields with paclobutrazol use quinclorac

Answer: The quinclorac is a hormonal herbicide. It mainly achieves the purpose of herbicide by inhibiting the growth of plants, and causes phytotoxicity to crops when the amount is large. The mechanism of action of paclobutrazol is also to inhibit the growth of crops and achieve the purpose of cont-----

Rapid screening of coumarin in food

purpose Successfully screened coumarin in vanilla extracts and foods with convenient techniques without sample extraction, filtration, dilution or separation. background Coumarin is a natural compound found in a variety of plants, including fragrant beans, foxgrass and certain varieties of cinna-----

Begonia pond high-yielding aquaculture technology

1 pond condition Select ponds near the sea, with convenient drainage and drainage, and fresh water sources, and carry out renovations, siltation, and slopes. The slope ratio is generally more than 1:3. The pond area is not limited, and the average single pond is above 1.2ha, or imitate the natura-----