Several Misunderstandings in Feeding Dairy Cows

1. Predatory milking The average milking period of dairy cows is 305 days. At present, some cattle farmers, no matter what the situation, from post-partum milking to no milk. The negative effect of this: First, over-consumption of dairy cows' body nutrients may cause estrus inconspicuous, sexual cycle disturbances; Second, the cow's physical exertion will affect the increase in the amount of lactation in the next fetus.
2. In the case of small initial individuals, the initial weight of dairy cows should reach 350-400 kg. Many cattle-raising households began to breed in order to pursue their immediate interests and weighed 250-300 kilograms, so dystocia or secondary endometritis often occurs, affecting the normal reproduction of the next fetus.
3. Some dairy cattle farmers who have reduced their milk production during dry season mistakenly believe that milking during dry period can be reduced by feeding. As a result, the cows were still in poor lyricism before labor, and the yak was weak and cows had low milk production. Under normal circumstances, dry feeding should account for 0.8% to 0.9% of cow weight. For poorly bred dairy cows, special attention should be paid to the supply of protein, minerals, and vitamins.
4. Does not brush cow skin Cow skin metabolism is strong, sensitive to the external dust reaction, when the hair is attached to dry feces, dust, it will feel uncomfortable, along with loss of appetite, affecting health. In order to keep the body clean and hygienic, the body should be brushed every day to maintain the normal physiological function of the cow's skin.
5. Lack of disinfection awareness In the extensive feeding environment, the cow is of poor constitution, weak disease resistance, and the bacteria easily invade the bovine body. Therefore, we must conscientiously do a good job of disinfection work, winter and spring season cowsheds, the environment should be disinfected once a week; summer and autumn disinfection 2 times a week.
6. Yak is not science cows are generally not cow nose, no nose ring, cattle farmers to facilitate the use of rope angle, or use a rope tied neck. Practice has proved that these two methods can easily damage the skin and affect the health of cattle. It is best to use a tether in the neck. When the cow is fed, the chain will be placed on the groove chain to fix the groove, and the chain will be released after feeding.

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