Cultivation of bitter gourd and its common pests and diseases

Bitter gourd disease mainly includes anthrax, epidemic disease and spot disease. Anthracnose 45% chlorothalonil smoke agent, smoke once every 10 days, can also be sprayed 50% thiophanate-methyl WP 700 times, or 80% anthrax 500 times Fumei, spray 2 - 3 times . The disease was controlled with 72% DuPont Kelu or 58% metalaxyl MnZn WP. Bitter gourd is easy to infect the disease at the later stage of growth. It is sprayed with 50% polysulfide suspension 500 times, 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 800 times, and 45% chlorothalonil smoke agent in the initial stage of disease. Insect pests are whitefly and aphids, Whitefly uses 25% Praxanthone 2000 times, or 20% Sweep 2000 times, sprays every 5-7 days, and sprays 2-3 times. Smoke agents are used interchangeably. Locusts are treated with a net 4000 times again.

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