Spring chicken hens should have good "four customs"

First, light temperature is low in spring, and sunshine hours still cannot meet the needs of laying hens. Before opening the chicken in the morning, open the window and adjust the temperature. After half an hour, put the chicken out. The daily light time should be maintained at 14-16 hours, and the lack of sunshine should be supplemented by artificial light.

Second, the feed off As the temperature rises, the sun extends, the hen's egg production increased rapidly, so to ensure adequate feed. For chickens with more than 80% of eggs, the daily crude protein content in the feed should not be less than 20%, and the bone meal content should not be less than 25%. Feeds such as corn, soybeans, and wheat bran should be fed more frequently. 4-5 times, and feed some vegetables, young grass and other green feed.

Third, prevent disease off the spring is a chicken-prone season, to do early prevention and early treatment, especially the fast onset of chicken gizzards, high mortality, generally in the feed by adding the right amount of garlic, leeks can play a preventive role.

4. Preventing “to hold” and “hugging” or “bearing nest” is an instinct for the reproduction of poultry, which often occurs in late spring and summer when the temperature gradually rises. The dark environment and the nesting eggs do not take, but will induce a "boom." It was found that chickens with “big nests” were immediately isolated and urged to “wake up” by: 1 changing the environment, changing the chicken nests in a cool and bright place for ventilation, and allowing the chickens to chase each other; 2 vinegar filling, daily morning and evening Fill 1 tablespoon of vinegar with each for 4-5 consecutive days to wake up.

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