Do not easily destroy seeds after corn plague

Hail can destroy torn corn leaves, weaken the photosynthesis, severely cut off the stems, can also cause the ground temperature to drop, causing physical obstacles. If the corn suffers from locust plagues, the output will be reduced by 10%-20%, and if it is heavy, the output will be reduced by 50%-80% or even be eliminated. In different growth periods, the damage caused by the big bell mouth is the heaviest, and the output during the milk ripening period is very small. As long as the section of the ear is not cut off, the growth can be resumed and the panicles can be returned. After the flood season at the seedling stage, as long as the residue remains, the resilience is strong. In production, it should be noted that after the disaster, do not easily destroy the species.

The correct remedial measure is: When the top leaves of the seedling stage are injured and dead, the tip of the leaves must be cut off, and the new leaves should be promoted. The broken leaves still have the photosynthetic ability. Do not remove them as long as they do not dry and adhere. Afterwards, the soil was ventilated in time, the compaction was removed, nitrogen fertilizer was applied in a timely manner, and the photosynthesis of the remaining leaves and the extension of new leaves were promoted. Severe damage in the later period of childbirth is no longer mature and can be used as silage corn. The destruction of locusts depends on how much the accumulated temperature after the disaster determines the replanting crop.

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