The use of bacterial fertilizer matters needing attention

Use of Bacterium Fertilizer Precautions Gold Bacteria Fertilizer has played a large role in our lives, eliminating or improving soil compaction, improving the nutritional quality of crops, reducing pests and diseases, reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers, etc., and has been widely used by users. Welcome, but pay attention to the following questions when using
1. Goldbeet microbial fertilizer should be stored in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight exposure.
2. If using other sterilizing products, it must be separated from the time before and after the use of dicamba microbial fertilizer for more than 48 hours.
3. When using the microbial fertilizer and fertilizer together, pay attention to mixing and applying for long-term storage, and do not mix with ammonia fertilizer.
4. Dry the soil properly when used.
5. According to different flowers, different sizes increase or decrease the amount of discretion.
6. This product is non-toxic, but children should be prevented from eating.

Common GoJi Berries

Common GoJi Berries come from Ningxia.Qinghai.Xinjiang. Since the GoJi Berries are picked and carefully sorted by size and quality our mission is to provide our customer with the highest possible quality without any contaminant.


Common GoJi is available in different types of shapes and sizes, usually we deliver the size 220/280/320/350 and  so on, but can also supply other sizes. GoJi is also available as a powder or juice powder!

Product Description




dried Common Goji Berry


220grains, 280grains, 320grains, 350grains, 360grains,380grains, 500grains,580grains,600grains



Payment & Shipping Terms:

T/T or D/P at sight.


Bulk 4X5KGS/CTN; 11MTS/20GP 2X10KGS/CTN; 11MTS/20GP;12.5MTS/20GP

Minimum Order Quantity:

500 Kilograms

 Packaging & Shipping

1. Bulk 4bags*5kgs/CTNS; 11MT/20GP

2.As clients requirements


Conventional Goji Berry

Conventional Goji Berry,Original Goji Berry,Conventional Wolfberry,Dried Wolfberry