Oriental God Dog Breeding Management

The purpose of rearing the species is mainly to use for breeding, and to obtain a number of high quality offspring. Therefore, it is required that the body is robust, well-developed, has a strong sexual desire, and has excellent semen quality. In order to scientifically rear the species of Tibetan mastiffs, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:
First, the full price of nutrition, body condition suitable for the Tibetan mastiff requires more than the middle of the public opinion, its diet with reasonable, nutritional requirements for full price. Especially the needs of energy, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. The quality of the Tibetan mastiff semen is better, and in order to obtain a strong Tsai and protect the species, do not participate in breeding early. It is advisable to participate in breeding in the second estrus.
Second, a reasonable number of breeding times to determine the species of Tibetan mastiff breeding times, once per day is appropriate. Continuous breeding twice, with an interval of 24 to 48 hours. In order to maintain the best body condition of the species, it is best not to exceed 30 times in one year, and the time is divided evenly. Too many breeding times and too frequent frequency will not only reduce the constitution of the species, but also reduce the fertility rate of the female due to the decline of semen quality.
Third, species of Tibetan Mastiff should be raised in a single circle. For various Tibetan mastiffs, breeding should be carried out at an early age. When they are six months old, breeding should be carried out in a single circle to prevent fighting each other, and to make messy arrangements early, which will affect the breeding effect.
Fourth, to strengthen sports time in due course, the summer can be carried out in the morning and evening, winter can be carried out at noon. Exercise for no less than 1 hour per day to protect skin hygiene, promote blood circulation, reduce skin diseases and ectoparasites, and enhance sexual activity.
5. Breeding should be naturally matched with young Tibetan mastiffs who have participated in breeding for the first time. In new unfamiliar places, due to the existence of various attractant stimuli, they often do not show enthusiasm for breeding. Therefore, you should bring your mother-in-law to a place that is familiar to the public to participate in breeding and allow them to naturally mate. After mating, you should loosen yourself and do not force it to open so as not to damage the reproductive organs. Do not drink water immediately, and your mother-in-law should walk around for 20 minutes.
Sixth, breeding should be recorded to observe its breeding performance and offspring quality, and records should be made when mating. According to their individual quality, ancestral quality, sibling quality and offspring quality were comprehensively assessed.

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