The use of biogas fermentation aids

The use of biogas fermentation auxiliaries The biogas fermentation auxiliaries solve the problems of low gas production and low gas production efficiency of farmers' friends, and make full use of wastes such as excrement. Biogas fermentation auxiliaries are aimed at such a form. One of the personnel research and development, which contains the nutrients and trace elements required for the growth and reproduction of methanogens, and utilizes trace elements that are effective in stimulating methanogens to promote their rapid propagation. At the same time, they increase the activity of enzymes and speed up the reaction of enzymes and accelerate fibers. The process of degradation and decomposition of macromolecule compounds such as hormones; the use of the nutrients necessary for propagation of the bacteria added in the product to better grow the bacteria species; the use of a mixture of adsorbents to increase the contact area between the bacteria and the raw materials, while utilizing adsorption The exotherm heats up the methanogenic bacteria and increases the heat, so that the biogas digester can produce gas quickly.
How to use: The dosage (refer to biogas fermentation aid) is calculated by adding 200-250 grams of biogas fermentation aid per cubic meter of digester. The basic amount of fermentation tanks with a volume of 4 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters, and 10 cubic meters is roughly 2 bags, 3 bags, 4 bags and 5 bags. Note that when the new pool is in use, the raw materials and biogas fermentation auxiliaries are mixed into the pool; when the old pool is in use, the biogas slurry is taken out from the discharge port and the biogas fermentation aid is flushed into the pool from the feed inlet and repeated several times. Mix as much as possible. The new pool can reduce the start-up time by more than half, and the old pool can greatly increase the gas production and gas production rate. Under normal circumstances, the material in the tank can quickly produce gas by adding the fermentation auxiliaries. If there is no increase or little change in the production gas within one week after adding the fermentation auxiliaries, you can first check whether the mixture of the fermentation auxiliaries is even and can be repeatedly injected into the material inlet. Into the biogas slurry, to ensure that evenly mixed into the pool of materials; Second, check for leaks, and take appropriate measures to plug. detailed

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