Sanitary and efficient cultivation of grapes, mushrooms and strawberries

In recent years, some vegetable farmers have made mushrooms and strawberries in the vineyards, and they have obtained high yields and high efficiency. The advantage of making strawberries and mushrooms in the vineyard lies in the deep and wide distribution of grape roots, the shallow distribution of roots in the latter two, and their different levels of fat absorption. Grapes are happy and the latter two are shade-tolerant, making full use of land, space, and light energy.

Grasping the season, it is reasonable to plant strawberries in the first four months of the year between the 1-4 year-old young grapevine hedgerows, harvested from February to April. Mushrooms are sown from late April to early May, harvested from early July to mid-September. Grapes are harvested from early July to late September.

Soil preparation, reasonable and close planting In the first ten days of October, a combination of ploughing and ploughing was carried out between the rows of vines, and 4,000 kg of decomposed pork cattle fat, 400 kg of human waste, 50 kg of compound fertilizer, and 100 kg of superphosphate were applied; Carbendazim and carbofuran are used to disinfect the soil and prevent and control underground diseases and insect pests. Rainy and humid areas should be made into stilts or high ridges, and areas with low rainfall and high dryness should be made flat. Strawberry spacing 20-25 cm, spacing 15-20 cm, about 6500 plants per acre. Mushrooms can be sown according to conventional methods and density.

Select good varieties, reasonable configuration for the convenience of pastoral management, harvesting, sales, etc., grapes and strawberries should choose early, middle and late maturing varieties with cultivation, mushroom can use high temperature varieties.

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