Loofah to pick up the heart in advance to avoid empty trees

Topping is an important task in the management of loofah and has a direct relationship with the level of loofah production. Some gourd grows weak, especially in the cold season, and often empty trees can't stand melons. Recently, the reporter learned from an interview in the Luocheng Street, Shouguang City that the management of loofahs was used to manage the loofahs before they were used to manage the loofah. The loofahs gained high benefits in the later period.

The specific approach is: the plant grows to 7-8 leaves when hanging vines, grow to 11-12 leaves, when the vegetative growth is more vigorous when the heart. After topping, the collateral germination slows down, and the stem vines are full and nutrient-rich. After the germination of the lateral branches, they can stay in the melons, leaving a melon for every two leaves. The loofah has a previous cultivating vine and will not appear empty. Phenomenon, the production of loofah increased.

Reporter analysis: Loofah to pick up the heart in advance is very desirable. The traditional method of picking is to pick up the melon after the main vine has grown from 13 to 15 leaves. After harvesting 3-4 fruits, the stalks are generally weak, and the reproductive growth is excessive and the vegetative growth is poor. Therefore, we must no longer use the empty tree to grow vines, so as to ensure the balance between vegetative growth and reproductive growth. Some also use 5 leaves to leave a melon to raise vines. However, careful analysis, this empty way of growing vines, multi-leaf means of melon is actually not desirable, because it seriously affects the continuous results of fruiting period loofah.


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