Foliar fertilizer preparation method

First, plant ash liquid plant ash and water according to 1:5 preparation, such as 10 kg of grass ash plus 50 kg of water soak for 24 hours, take the filtrate and add 50 kg of water, can spray 2 acres of land. Second, ammonia-phosphorus mixed solution 1 kg of calcium superphosphate soaked in water for 24 hours, filtered fluid, plus 1-2 kg of urea, add water, 50 kg. It is mainly used in the field of deferring premature aging of crops. Third, boron fertilizer borax 50-100 grams, add water 50 kilograms. Made of 01% -02% of borax liquid, spraying 2-3 times at the flowering stage of the crop, can improve the seed setting rate and fruit setting rate. Fourth, zinc fertilizer solution with 50-100 grams of zinc sulfate plus 50 kg of water, sprayed at the seedling stage of the crop can prevent lobular, flower seedlings, white seedlings and other diseases. Fifth, urea solution according to 1-2 kilograms of urea plus 100 kilograms of water, all kinds of crops can be foliar spray. Six, superphosphate leaching solution with superphosphate 4-5 kg ​​100 kg of water, soak for 24 hours, filtered liquid Serve. Seven, human urine with sufficient maturity of human urine 10 kg water 50 kg Serve, per acre can be applied 50-100 kg.

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