How to keep rabbits warm in winter

It has been proved that once the rabbithouse temperature is lower than 5°C, the female rabbit stops estrus and the male rabbit is reduced in libido. Once the temperature of the childbirth box is lower than 15°C, the rabbit is difficult to survive. The following methods can be used for heating and heat preservation in production.

The shed was warmed up and the rabbit house was built on the leeward sunny side. In the winter, a plastic sheet was attached to the outer wall of the rabbit house, and a layer of straw was covered in the evening. Using this method, the temperature of the rabbit house can reach 25° C. during the day and 15° C. at night. It should be noted that when the temperature is high during the day, ventilation and ventilation should be performed in time to ensure the fresh air in the rabbit house.

In cellar insulation, pregnant female rabbits are placed in cellars and allowed to breed in caves. After the rabbit is full, the female rabbits are brought out. This method saves labor and money, and the survival rate of the rabbit is high, which is suitable for rural garden farmers who have fewer rex rabbits.

The most common method for heating electric energy is to suspend light bulb heating above the production crib. A 25-watt incandescent light bulb is generally installed in a production box to keep the temperature inside the box at about 20°C. Note that the bulb ion rabbit needs a certain distance to burn rabbits with rabbits.

Gauze Roll -4ply

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Product performance: It is white and odorless, soft to the touch, does not contain cotton leaves, cotton seed shells or other impurities, and has good water absorption performance.

Model specifications: Non-sterile, four-fold inner roll. The specifications are 90CM * 100M / 50M / 20M / 10M / 5M, etc.

Packing: White chicken skin paper plus blue kraft paper bag, then set with PE cubic bag, and 5 layers of double corrugated kraft paper box.

Scope of application: It is mainly used for raw materials of medical accessories and clinical use of medical units.

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