Winter beef cattle should drink water and salt

After entering the winter, the feed of beef cattle began to be dominated by straw. Because of the serious loss of water from the straw, the salt content also decreased with the loss of water. Therefore, after the beef cattle enters the winter, there will be different degrees of dry hair, dull and other phenomena, which directly affect the appetite and health of beef cattle. Therefore, it is particularly important to beef cattle in the process of beef cattle breeding.

Specific practices include the following: Before beef cattle enter the lap in the evening, be sure to allow beef cattle to drink 25kg to 35kg of clean water, and 100g to 150g of iodized salt can be added to water to facilitate beef cattle intake. The consumption of iodized salt is usually 5 days or 7 days feeding, not too frequent, otherwise it will cause salt poisoning, resulting in unnecessary losses.

After entering the winter, farmers will generally consider the status quo of beef cattle feed, and they will use feed for beef cattle. Most of these feeds will be ground crushed with peanut stalks, yam yam and other crop stalks and cornmeal and wheat bran. The main, mix the best mix of these feeds, dilution, easy to eat beef, at the same time, in the mixing process, to mix in the right amount of iodized salt, usually 50 grams to 100 grams. In this way, both the intake of moisture and salt of the beef cattle is guaranteed, and the unfavorable factors that affect the health of the beef cattle are adjusted. It is worth reminding the farmers that the time for adding iodized salt to the spices must be staggered with the iodized salt time for beef cattle to drink water. Normally, 3 days to 4 days, iodized salt is placed in the spices.

In addition to the above two points, it is also important to put together a good green and juicy feed. Juicy green feed is dominated by rot-free Chinese cabbage, carrots, and yam. These green and juicy feeds must be chopped before they are fed to avoid excessive particles, affect the consumption of beef cattle, and prevent the occurrence of unpleasant phenomena such as feeding. Affect the health of beef cattle. The intake of these green and juicy feeds can just provide some necessary water and salt for beef cattle, which is beneficial and harmless.

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