Using corn to feed livestock

Making full use of feed resources such as corn, rice, and straw, adding appropriate amount of concentrates, and preparing rations on their own can reduce the cost of raising livestock. Now introduce several ways to use corn and its straw to feed livestock, for your reference.

Corn Swine Mode

"corn + rapeseed + concentrate" mode

Feed composition: According to raising a pig, 190 kg of corn, 45 kg of reconstituted or reconstituted 30 kg, 15 kg of peanut meal or grass powder, 30 kg of rapeseed cake or peanut cake, 22.5 kg of concentrate, 1 kg of salt , stone powder 2.5 kilograms, a total of 291 kilograms, the formula applies to three-way hybrid pigs.

Usage and dosage: After crushing corn, peanut meal (sun dried), rapeseed cake or peanut cake, mix it with other feed in proportion. Add appropriate amount of water before feeding, and mix it into half-dry and semi-humid feed. Dosage: Feed about 2 kilograms per day for pigs weighing 15-60 kilograms and about 3 kilograms per day for 61-100 kilograms. If there is sufficient green feed, add 2-3 kg of green feed per day for 15-60 kg of body weight and 0.2-0.3 kg of concentrated feed for less; 4-6 kg of green feed per day for 61-100 kg of body weight, and 0.4-0.5 kg of fine feed for less.

"Corn + rice + rapeseed + concentrates" mode

Feed composition: Calculated according to 1 hog, 105 kg of corn, 105 kg of rice, 35 kg of reconstituted or 20 kg of reconstituted peanuts, 15 kg of peanut meal or grass powder, 30 kg of rapeseed cake or peanut cake, and 25 kg of concentrated feed. 1 kg of salt, 2.5 kg of stone powder, a total of 303.5 kg. This formula is suitable for general hybrid pigs.

Usage and dosage: Same as above. Corn and its straw cattle and sheep models

"Silage corn stalk" cattle mode

Feed composition: According to the ratio of 1 head and 200 kg of body weight in winter and spring (4 months), 1.2 tons of silage corn straw, 150 kg concentrate (114 kg of corn, 30 kg of cottonseed cake or rapeseed cake, 3 kg of salt) , stone powder 3 kg).

Usage and dosage: Feed 10kg of silage corn stalk every day, and concentrate 1.25kg to ensure sufficient drinking water.

"Silage corn stalk + pasture + concentrate" captive goat model

Feed composition: 1 adult sheep needs 365-548 kg of silage a year, 2190-2920 kg of fresh pasture, 73 kg of concentrate, and 1.9 kg of salt.

Usage and dosage: Feed the sheep with silage corn stalks and use with other pastures. Start feeding silage should be from little to many, the sheep adapt to give enough, daily feed silage corn straw 1-1.5 kilograms, fresh herbage 6-8 kilograms, fine material 0.2 kilograms, salt 5 grams. Ensure adequate drinking water.

"Ammoniated corn stalks" feeding cow mode

Feed composition: According to 1 head and 200 kg body weight of cross-breeding cattle, 3.3 tons of ammoniated corn stalk will be needed each year, 730 kg of concentrated material (75% cottonseed cake or rapeseed cake, 25% cornmeal), 3 kg of salt and 3 kg of stone powder.

Usage and dosage: 9 kg of ammoniated corn stover per day and 2 kg of concentrated material to ensure sufficient drinking water.

"Ammoniated corn stalk" sheep feed mode

Feed composition: 1 adult goat needs ammoniated corn straw 475 kg a year, fresh grass 2555 kg, fine material 92 kg, salt 1.9 kg.

Usage and dosage: Feed sheep with corn straw ammoniated material, and use with other forage grasses. One sheep fed 1.3 kg of ammoniated corn stalk every day, 7 kg of fresh pasture, 0.25 kg of concentrate, and 5 g of salt. Feeding should ensure adequate drinking water.

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