Latest beef cattle price trend analysis

Latest beef cattle price trend analysis

1. The construction of beef cattle quality supervision system ensures the quality and safety of livestock products. We will strengthen the construction of the animal husbandry logistics system and promote the integrated development of production and sales.

The second and third are innovative development mechanisms to enhance the momentum of industrial development.

3. To develop professional cooperatives, especially through professional cooperatives to establish market risk adjustment funds and cultivate the market energy of beef cattle farmers.

In 2009, high feed costs, the international economic crisis, and terrible cattle flu made the industry in a serious loss. We believe that the decline in demand is the main reason for the reduction in beef trade. All the influencing factors have a serious impact on beef consumption and beef prices. Then, in 2010, the government had already developed one million H1N1 flu vaccines. It is recommended that people vaccinate and it will soon pass. Suggestion: The next time it may be bird flu, mad cow disease, or bovine flu, why is there no tiger flu?

Domestic and international economic slowdown, meat consumption and personal income related. Beef accounts for 46% of meat consumption and will expand rapidly as the economy improves. Normal population growth and declining beef exports will further boost prices.

At the beginning of 2008, most of China’s regions suffered an immense snowstorm. The snowstorm had a serious impact on the cattle industry. Nearly 90,000 cattle were frozen, drowned, starved to death in South China, South China, Southwest China, and the west. The pasture was frozen and a large number of cowsheds were collapsed. This not only caused huge economic losses to the farmers and herdsmen, but also had a negative impact on the beef cattle industry in China. Many cattle farms (households) or community facilities are also damaged in the snowstorm. The playground and the cowshed are covered with ice and snow. The phenomenon of death due to the fracture caused by cattle slipping occurs frequently. Many farms and communities are also affected. Temporary water supply difficulties occurred at low temperatures. Due to the heavy snow troubles, the supply of coal and electricity is strained, and the prices of feed ingredients and energy are rising. The cost of beef cattle production soars. In addition, a large amount of snow and ice on the highway has caused traffic jams and driving difficulties, making feed and other raw materials in some areas difficult to supply in a timely manner. These factors have directly or indirectly brought a number of adverse effects and economic losses on beef cattle production.
Earthquake disaster caused some damage to the beef industry. The devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan province on May 12, 2008 also caused severe damage to the livestock husbandry in the Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu areas. The problems faced by these areas in the earthquake include not only the destruction of facilities. The loss of livestock and livestock also involves the timely handling of dead and injured livestock and the prevention and control of post-disaster animal diseases. According to incomplete statistics, 13 million dead livestock and poultry were killed (only), and only 12.34 million dead livestock and poultry (only) died in 6 cities (states) in Sichuan's hardest-hit areas. Niu Ma and other livestock who died in innocent treatment in Sichuan Province Has reached 74.58 million heads (only). Although governments at all levels in the affected areas actively organized local slaughter and processing enterprises to purchase surviving livestock and livestock or to move live livestock and poultry out of the affected areas to reduce loss of livestock farmers in the affected areas, the infrastructure of animal husbandry in the affected areas was seriously damaged, and the herd size was greatly reduced. There are many potential threats. This article goes to:

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