Cotton budding fertilizer is guaranteed

After the emergence of cotton, it enters the period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and it is still dominated by vegetative growth. During this period, we must put up a shelf for the high yield of cotton. The supply of nutrients must satisfy the needs of the cotton plants, but also prevent excessive fertilization, resulting in long growth of cotton plants.

For the cotton field with a small amount of basal fertilizer, some mature manure and cake fertilizers may be applied during budding period, or a small amount of available nitrogen fertilizer may be mixed to deepen the ditch, so that the fertilizer gradually decomposes and functions in the flowering and bolling period. For fertile cotton fields with high fertilizing amount all year round, the cotton plants are growing prosperously, and the buds may not be applied or may be postponed until the first flowering stage. More importantly, cotton budding cotton is sprayed on the cotton plants during the bud and flowering periods to accelerate the buds of the cotton tree, recycle bolls, and improve fiber quality.

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