Pear or not to mix peach trees

Peach grows fast and results are early. Some fruit growers often plant peach trees in the pear tree line to increase their income. This is actually unscientific. This is because:

First, peach trees have the characteristics of early ripening, fast branching, and strong hi-light. Three-year-old peach trees have a canopy that is 3-5 times that of pear trees of the same age. Therefore, peach orchard mixed peach trees will affect the growth and development of the main tree species.

Second, the roots of peach trees are highly metabolic, with rapid soil rhizosphere changes, and many toxic byproducts. When the roots are corrupted and hydrolyzed in the soil, they produce a large amount of cyanide and benzaldehyde. Can inhibit the breathing of other fruit tree roots, and directly kill the young roots and new roots of other fruit trees.

Third, the roots of peach trees are shallower than other tree species, and have high respiratory intensity and low water requirement. If the soil void volume is 37% and the water content is 40%, normal growth can be maintained. This is very different from other fruit trees in water requirement characteristics. Therefore, peach trees can not be mixed with other fruit trees, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to the cultivation and management.

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