How much potash should I use for red meat and pomelo?

Potassium is closely related to photosynthesis and metabolic processes such as carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids, and is an activator of various enzymes. Potassium has a high degree of mobility in plants, often from the old leaves, old mature tissue to the vigorous part of the metabolic activity, such as buds, leaves, apex, formation layer and other meristem output. Red pomelo has a high potassium content in flowers and fruits. Potassium is an important element that determines fruit yield and quality. A suitable amount of potassium can promote the assimilation of plants, so that the growth of tree vigor and branch shoots is normal, fruit set-up increases, fruits increase, the tolerance of the fruit is improved, and the drought resistance, cold resistance and disease resistance of the plants are improved. Within a certain range, increasing the potassium content of plants can increase fruit and increase yield. Potassium deficiency impedes protein synthesis, shoot shoots grow long and fruit grows early. Potassium excess inhibited the growth of the plants, the plants were short and the fruit juices had less crude juice.

In general, the increase of potassium content in the red-pomelo grapefruit orchard will increase the potassium content of the leaves, which will reduce the content of magnesium and calcium, while the deficiency of potassium will increase the content of nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron in the leaves. (Jin Shing Red Meat Pomelo Field)

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