Peanut summer live high yield protective cultivation method

First, the selection of varieties to use very early maturing or early maturing varieties with high yield potential is an intrinsic factor in achieving high peanut yield. The author proposes to choose "Yu Yu 2" and "Yu Yu 1". Longer growing seasons in southwestern Shandong and southern areas can use "Yuyu 5" and other "Yuyu" series of new varieties.

Second, after the wheat has been harvested, the wheat stalks spit from the combine harvester are evenly distributed, and the shredder scrapes the grass, and the rotary cultivator spins the ground. Garlic, onion, potatoes, etc. can be directly seeded after harvesting.

Third, fertilization in order to meet the high-yield demand for peanuts and accelerate the decomposition of wheat straw, combined with rotary arable land per acre to spread 30 to 40 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 40 to 50 kg of superphosphate, 5 to 10 kg of potassium sulfate, through the rotation of farmland mixed in the soil in. Combine sowing with 10-15 kg of compound fertilizer.

Fourth, sowing to ensure that the summer live peanuts have sufficient growth period, must be planted after the first crop after harvest. The Ludong region strives to close early before June 25th in Luxi and southwest of Shandong and south of the country, and in the summer, it is more reliable to broadcast peanuts to create high yields. Kjmyf-2 peanut seeder sowing, so that ridging, sowing, chemical fertilizers, repression, spray herbicide (covered planting film and film on the membrane and complex soil device) and other procedures to complete a one-time. This kind of "Yuyu" series of new varieties, ranging from 80 to 85 centimeters, each type of 2 lines, between a small row spacing of about 30 cm, 17 to 20 cm from the hole, two per hole or a seed. Pre-seeding seeds need to be graded, seed dressing “Weifu” with seed amount of 0.25% to prevent dead seedlings after emergence; 1.0-1.5 kg of fast-killing insecticide (“812”) fertilizer powder for each acre to prevent earthworms and other underground pests And larvae at the seedling stage and their viral transmission as a major vector; use 60 to 90 ml of quinones (or 150 to 200 ml of "acetochlor") and 2 grams of "vegetables" (or 80 to 100 ml). "Nongsi it" "herbicide, control one year, single, dicotyledonous weeds; poor soil moisture, sowing ditch after sowing, to ensure that the whole seedling sowing. Manual sowing can be performed after the rotation of cultivated land, according to a large row spacing of 50 cm, a small row spacing of 30 cm, a hole (plant) from 18-20 cm in the surface of the species, along the large ridge depth of the open soil with soil cover species, and use iron shovel to the ridge surface Beat, wheat straw and wheat stubble all covered in the ridge surface, along the ditch watering or sprinkling irrigation.

V. Field Management Summer live peanuts have fast growth and development in the early stage (sprouting and seedling stage) and mid-term (flowering stage and pod stage), and they have a shorter period of time, while the late stage (maturity period) is consistent with spring peanuts. Pretty or slightly longer. The general principle of field management should grasp the proactive growth promotion in the early stage, rapidly increase the amount of vegetative growth, actively regulate growth in the medium term, and timely prevent pests such as cotton bollworm and bridge-building insects. In the later period, active prevention of early defoliation and promotion of early maturing should be implemented. The specific measures are: 1. 10 days after the start of seedlings, two 8- to 10-day rotations of systemic insecticides and 800 to 1,000 times the “big time” or 3000 times “Arcadian” foliar , Control of locusts and their spread of viral diseases. 2. From 15 to 20 days after flowering, when the plant has been or close to the seal line, it is sprayed 1000 times and “Zhuangtan” to restrain the plant from continuing to increase, which promotes the growth and development of the fruit. 3. There are insect pests such as cotton bollworms and bridge-building insects and leafhoppers, and 1500 times Jiataifeng. 4. 40 to 50 days after emergence, the plants basically stopped growing and sprayed with fungicides and Jia Tai Feng at intervals of 10 to 12 days to prevent premature defoliation.

6. Harvest peanuts in the summer to protect the leaves, without prejudice to the sowing of crops under the crop, and delay the harvesting period as much as possible. The harvester can be harvested with the function of excavating and shaking the earth, and the field can be dried for 2 to 3 days.

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