11 kinds of Chinese herbs for prevention and treatment of fish diseases

1 Galla chinensis: Each gallon of water body is flooded with Gallon 2-3 grams of Jianzhi Quanchipi, which can prevent white spot, red bark, and gill disease.

2. Acorus calamus: 4-5 kg ​​of calamus and ramie are used to break into slurries for each mu of water surface. After soaking, the dredged slag and juice are sprayed on the whole pool to prevent fish enteritis, gill rot and red dermatosis. .

3, verbena: every 100 kg of fish with verbena and plantain each 0.5 kg, add the appropriate amount of water and boil for 30 minutes, take the concoction and mix the rice sugar and knead the pellets and put it into the food table, and feed it for 5 to 6 days. It can control grass carp and herring enteritis.

4. Garlic: 1 kg of garlic head for every 50 kg of fish, mash into juice, and mix the ingredients and feed it once a day for 3 to 6 days to prevent and treat various fish enteritis.

5. Ramie: 15 kg of fresh castor leaf or its twigs are used per acre of water surface. After being folded into several small bundles and placed around the bait station, it can be used twice to control fish scab.

6. Masson pine: 15 kg of fresh leaves of Pinus massoniana per acre of water surface, 25 kg of fine water is poured into the pool, or 500 g of venerated Pinus massoniana leaves per 5 kg of fish, and 50 grams of salt are fed to the fish. , Can prevent fish red skin disease, gill disease and enteritis disease.

7, willow leaves: Each mu of water with fresh willow leaves 10 to 15 kg, tied into a bundle of water, replace the leaves after a bad one, can cure grass carp intestine disease, gill disease and red skin disease.

8. Ginger: 6 kg of ginger per acre of water, 6 kg of maple leaves, 1.8 kg of mulberry leaves, 5 kg of eucalyptus leaves, 2 hours of mixed drizzle, 0.6 kg of pig blood, 1.2 kg of salt, Quanchiposa, which can cure grass carp Bacterial gill disease.

9, pepper: 0.25 kilograms per acre with chili powder, fresh ginger 0.5 kilograms, add 10 kilograms of water into a spicy ginger soup, add 15 kg of cold water Quanchiposa, can cure fish small melon worm.

10, tobacco: 0.5 acres of tobacco leaf per acre of water surface, add boiling 2 hours, take Quan Zhi Quan sprinkling, can cure fish enteritis, gill disease and red skin disease.

11, leeks: 0.8 meters per mu water depth with leek 2.5 kilograms, chopped and added 0.2 kilograms of salt, spices feed, once a day, once every 5 days, can cure grass carp intestine disease.

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