Wheat combine harvester hydraulic system instructions

1. When inspecting the oil level, all cylinder plungers and pistons should be retracted. If not enough, it should be added.

2. The working oil temperature range of the hydraulic system is generally 30°C to 60°C, and the ideal range is 60°C to 80°C. The highest temperature does not exceed 90°C.

3. After the new machine is working for 30 to 40 hours, the hydraulic oil in the tank should be replaced and replaced once a year. When the oil is drained, it is better to disconnect the oil pipes connected to the fuel tanks. The bottom of the oil tank is cleaned and the oil drain plugs are screwed out.

4. After the hydraulic system enters the air, the system will produce noise, and the cylinders will be unstable and exhausted. When the air in the general oil circuit is pulled by the handles of the reversing valves and the steering wheel after the operation of the machine, the air in each valve and pipe can be automatically eliminated. In this regard, the cylinder plunger, the piston can be fully extended, and then loosen the tubing connection nut nut, so that the plunger, piston automatically retracted, while the air bubble oil with it, until the end of the flow. Then tighten each cylinder joint nut and continue to move the reversing handle and the steering wheel exhaust. After the gas is exhausted, add hydraulic fluid to the specified fluid level.

5, hydraulic oil must be clean, and different seasons according to the regulations to replace different types of hydraulic oil.

6. When the card-type pipe joint is installed, the connected pipe should be aligned with the inner surface of the joint first, then the nut should be twisted on one side and the pipe should be turned on one side. When the tube cannot be rotated, it is advisable to continue tightening the nut 1 to 1.3 turns.

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