Method for reducing herbicide harm

How to reduce the herbicide harm to crops? The two situations are treated differently:

(1) When the maximum dose is used, the field irrigation water should be drained immediately, several times with fresh water, and lime and Other acidic herbicides should be applied. (2) If there are many herbicides on the plants, they can be sprayed with mechanical irrigation water to reduce the toxic substances that stick to the leaves. (3) When a phytotoxicity occurs in some areas of the plot, first flush the water, plough it, replenish the seedlings, and then increase the available fertilizer. (4) If the plots are poisoned seriously, the plots should be exposed to sunlight, deep-frozen after leaching, and planted after no impact, otherwise they will be flushed. Or plant a small amount of sensitive crops and observe for 10 to 15 days.

Laboratory destoner uses raw material and stones density difference to separate stones from seeds. It is used after seed cleaner & grader processing and Gravity Separator processing. It is normally used for vegetable seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds and other small seeds cleaning. Lab destoner is for fining cleaning to remove the stones, lumps.


Working principle


The destoner worktable is a rectangular structure. The top of lab destoner table is mesh grid, the middle is a perforated aluminum plate, and the bottom is wooden air guiding structure. The hopper is located in middle of this worktable; by adjusting the vibration frequency of the worktable and the bottom blowing air volume to achieve the separation of seeds and heavier impurities. The raw material is rapidly delaminated at the seed feeding location; heavier impurity move along the slanted sides of the rectangle to the upper end, and the lighter seed move to the lower end along the rhomboid. Table vertical length, table vibration frequency, the bottom fan air volume are adjustable to meet the small size seeds, different density seeds, sorting requirements. Lab de stoner brings further study basis data of the small seeds characteristics.

Parameter reference:


Laboratory destoner




50 kg/h

Air blower power

0.37 kw

Vibration power

0.13 kw

Vibration frequency

0-600 times/min

Platform inclination angle



15 mm


1000×700×1440 mm

lab destoner

1.    Feeding hopper

2.    Hopper controller

3.    Working table

4.    Drive system

5.    Bottom air blower

6.    Control panel

7.    Machine frame

laboratory destoner

Lab Destoner Machine

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