SB800 three-legged closed centrifuge

The SB800 three-legged closed centrifuge is a filter centrifuge with manual upper discharge intermittent operation . It is an upgraded product of SS series centrifuge, which is mainly suitable for separating suspension containing solid phase particles of 0.01mm. The solid phase particles can be in the form of granular, crystalline or fibrous, and can also be used for forming articles (such as yarn bundles). Dehydration of textiles, textiles, etc.) The SB800 centrifuge has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, arbitrary adjustment of various operation steps, sufficient washing of the filter residue, easy damage of solid phase particles, and strong adaptability. The transmission mode can be rotated by the belt to drive the drum, or the motor can be rotated by the drum directly to reduce the resistance caused by belt friction and rubber scraps. It is more suitable for use in flammable and explosive places such as GMP workshop.
working principle and structure of the SB800 three-legged closed centrifuge is that the drum is directly mounted on the motor main shaft, and the motor drives the drum to rotate at a high speed. (The belt transmission type is the motor that drives the drum to rotate through the belt drive.) The feeding tube is added to the rotating drum and tends to the drum wall under the action of centrifugal force. The liquid phase is discharged through the filter cloth and the drum wall filter hole, and the solid phase is retained in the rotating drum. After the shutdown, the cover is opened and manually unloaded, and the modified type is further It can be used for unloading bags and SD three-legged bag centrifuges . It is necessary to modify the drum part of the centrifuge.
Technical parameters of SB800 three-legged closed centrifuge: drum diameter is 800mm, drum height is: 420mm, working volume is 100L, loading limit is 140KG, rotation speed is: 0-1200/0-1500 rpm Two speeds (after speeding type), separation factor: 640/1005, motor power 5.5/7.5KW, machine weight 1500/1800kg, external dimensions: 2000*1400*1700mm.

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