How to drink tea is the healthiest

In addition to the degree of foam resistance of tea is related to tenderness, it is mainly determined by the method of tea processing. During the initial process, the tea is chopped and the tea juice is easily brewed. The coarse, old, and complete tea leaves are slow to brewing.

No matter what tea, the first brewing, the amount of leaching accounts for 50% to 55% of the total soluble matter; the second brewing usually takes about 30%; the third time is about 10%; the fourth time only 1 %3%. From its nutrient content (vitamins and amino acids in tea), 80% of the first brewing was leached, about 15% of the second brewing, and after the third brewing, almost all leached. Tea aroma and taste, a tea aroma, taste fresh and cool; two tea, although rich, but fresh and cool as before; three tea aroma and taste has been lacking; if the brew is no longer taste.

General black tea, green tea and flower tea, brewing to 3 times is appropriate. Oolong tea has a large amount of leaves when brewing, and the tea leaves are old and can be brewed more than once. Teabags made from red crushed tea are usually suitable for brewing at one time. It is not advisable to have a cup of tea from early to late. After many times of tea brewing, it can make some insoluble harmful substances (such as certain trace amounts of residual pesticides) gradually leaching and harmful to the human body. The ideal way to make a drink is to have a cup of tea every morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon, both fresh and tea aroma.

Drink tea to drink

·Diversity of the four seasons tea

Drinking tea pays attention to the four seasons, namely: spring drink tea, summer drink green tea, autumn drink green tea, winter drink black tea. The reason is: In the spring, people drink tea, can disseminate the winter cold accumulated in the human body evil, rich and fragrant, can promote the occurrence of human yang. In summer, it is better to drink green tea. Green tea is bitterly cold and can clear away heat, cool off heat, detoxify, quench thirst, and strengthen heart. In the autumn, it is better to drink green tea. This tea is not cold or hot, it can eliminate the body's residual heat and restore body fluids. In the winter, drinking black tea is ideal. Black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, and helps digestion, body filling, and strengthening the body.

· Daily tea 2 to 6 grams

Although tea contains many kinds of vitamins and amino acids, drinking tea has a certain effect on clear oil, increasing nerve excitement and digestion and diuresis, but it does not drink as much as possible, and not all people are suitable for tea. In general, 2-3 times a day, each time the amount of 2-3 grams of drink is more appropriate for patients with neurasthenia, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach, intestinal ulcer patients are not suitable Drink tea, breastfeeding and pregnant women and infants and young children should not drink tea.

· Do not drink strong tea

Strong tea will cause excessive "excitability" of the human body and adversely affect the cardiovascular system and nervous system. People with cardiovascular diseases may experience tachycardia or even irregular heartbeats after drinking strong tea, causing repeated illnesses.

·No tea before going to sleep

This is more important for the early tea drinkers. After many people drink tea before going to bed, it becomes very difficult to fall asleep and even seriously affects the mental state of the next day. People with neurasthenia or insomnia should pay special attention.

· Do not drink plenty of tea during meals

A small amount of tea before or during a meal is not a problem, but drinking tea or drinking too much tea will affect the absorption of many major elements (such as calcium) and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, etc.). Special attention should be paid to not drinking tea while drinking milk or other dairy products. Theophylline and tannic acid in tea will combine with the calcium in dairy products to form calcium salts that are insoluble in water, and they will be excreted, making the nutritional value of dairy products greatly reduced.

· Drinking too much tea is not conducive to digestion

Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, once with the meat, eggs, seafood, protein synthesis in the convergence of tannic acid protein, will slow down bowel movements, not only easy to cause constipation, but also increase the toxic or carcinogenic substances absorbed by the body The possibility.

·Green tea and wolfberry can not be with the drink

Both green tea and wolfberry can be boiled with boiling water, which is beneficial to the human body. Many people simply put them together and brew. However, the large amount of tannic acid contained in green tea has the effect of absorbing and absorbing the absorption of trace elements in the wolfberry to produce substances that are difficult for the human body to absorb. Therefore, experts suggest that: drink green tea in the morning to appetite, refreshing; drink soak in the afternoon, you can improve physical fitness, sleep safety.

·Drinking tea hurts

After drinking alcohol, alcohol enters the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract and is converted to acetaldehyde in the liver. Acetaldehyde is then converted to acetic acid, which is then decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. Drink tea after drinking, theophylline in tea can quickly diuretic effect on the kidneys, thereby promoting the premature decomposition of acetaldehyde into the kidneys. Acetaldehyde has a greater stimulatory effect on the kidneys, so it affects kidney function. People who drink strong tea regularly after drinking drink are prone to kidney disease. Not only that, the alcohol in the wine stimulates the cardiovascular system, and the tea also has the effect of exciting the heart. The combination of the two forms one, which further enhances the stimulation of the heart. Therefore, it is more harmful for heart patients to drink tea after drinking. Big.

·Tea tea is not as fresh as possible

From the perspective of nutrition, the nutritional content of the freshest tea is not necessarily the best, because the so-called new tea refers to the tea that has been harvested for less than a month. Because these tea leaves have not been placed for a period of time, some have adverse effects on the body. Substances, such as polyphenols, alcohols, and aldehydes, have not been completely oxidized. If you drink new tea for a long time, you may experience uncomfortable reactions such as diarrhea and abdominal distension. Too much fresh tea is even worse for patients, like some people with stomach acid deficiency or elderly patients with chronic gastric ulcers. These people are even less suitable for drinking new tea. New tea will stimulate their gastric mucosa, produce gastrointestinal discomfort, and even worse.

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