10 diet misrepresentations

Raw vegetables better than cooked? Low-fat foods must lose weight? Many common senses of health, if one is misunderstood, health knowledge will become harmful. According to the latest nutrition expert article published in the British “Daily Mail”, it is necessary to prevent misinformation of the top ten diets in daily life.

Blueberries have more antioxidants than other fruits. Angela Dowton, a British nutrition expert, said that the blueberry's ORAC is higher for superfoods, but scientists have found that dark chocolate and other foods have a higher antioxidant index than blueberries. There is only one kind of antioxidant in the blueberry anthocyanin content, but grapes and other fruits also contain the substance. The ORAC of the cheaper red grapes is actually higher than blueberries.

Low-fat foods help to lose weight. Experts say that the weight-loss low-fat foods not only contain a lot of sugar and sweeteners, but their calories are often comparable to high-fat foods. To control weight, it is best to lower the weight of standard foods.

Eating supper is easy to become obese. Animal experiments have found that 6% or 65% of all-day food intake at night does not affect the weight of monkeys, because the body's metabolic rate does not change during sleep.

Drinking coffee is prone to dehydration. Angela said that although coffee has a diuretic effect, for the average person, drinking coffee does not cause dehydration. If you are accustomed to drinking coffee, your body will use coffee as a way to supplement body fluids.

Fruits and vegetables are all put into the refrigerator. Scientists in the United States have found that β-carotene in watermelon preserved at room temperature is twice as high as that of watermelon preserved in refrigerator for two weeks, and lycopene is increased by 20%. Bananas and peaches are preserved at 20 degrees Celsius and are more nutritious.

The body needs 8 glasses of water. Research at the University of Pennsylvania found that drinking 8 glasses of water (2 liters) a day does not make the skin cleaner, lose weight faster, or help the body detoxify. Angela said that the amount of daily replenishment varies from person to person, and thirst is the best replenishment signal. Another signal is that light urine indicates drinking enough water.

Slimming should eat less meals. A study by Australian scientist Michel Palmer found that three meals a day and six small meals a day had no difference in weight loss. However, people who ate more frequently would lose weight more easily after losing weight.

Raw vegetables are better than cooked vegetables. People often think that the longer the vegetables are cooked, the more nutrients are lost. This view is not necessarily correct. One example is carrots. During cooking, the β-carotene released by carrots increases three-fold.

White meat is lower in fat than red meat. White meat (chicken, etc.) has less fat content than red meat (beef, etc.).

Light-colored vegetables have low nutrition. "The darker the vegetables are, the more nutritious" is true. However, this does not mean that the light-colored vegetables have low nutrition. White cabbage is rich in vitamin C, calcium and cellulose. (Chen Zonglun)


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