Fermented chicken dung to feed livestock and poultry should pay attention

First, the selected chicken manure should be fresh, do not use more than 24 hours of chicken manure.

Second, feeding should be from less to more, mixed with other feeds after feeding, so that livestock and poultry have a process of adaptation. Fermented chicken manure has high non-protein nitrogen content and is highly utilized in ruminant feeding. After testing, it can be added to 35% of the fattening cattle diet, 25% to the pig diet, and 15% to the poultry diet.

Third, when livestock and poultry are fed with fermented chicken manure, the addition of appropriate additives such as salt, baking soda, and cooked gypsum will be better. In addition, we must regularly use levamisole, trichlorfon and other drugs for deworming, the general poultry once a month, pigs, cattle, sheep and other 15 days 1 time.

Fourth, 15 days before the listing of livestock and poultry, must stop feeding fermented chicken manure to prevent meat quality.

Surgical Suture in medical surgery of human tissue and ligation. Surgical suture could be divided into Absorbable suture, Non-absorbable suture. 

The suture is processed by collagen or synthetic polymers from healthy mammal and it can be absorbed in vivo mammalian tissue.

Absorbable suture include: PGA(Polyglycolic Acid), CC(Chromic Catgut), CP(Plain Catgut), PGAR(Rapid Polyglycolic Acid), PGLA(Polyglactin 910), PDS(Polydioxanone), MO(Poliglecaprone);

Non-absorbable suture include: SK (Silk), NL(Nylon), PM(Polypropylene), PB(Polyester), SW(Stainless Steel Wire). 

Surgical Suture

Surgical Suture,Absorbable Sutures,Nylon Suture,Subcuticular Suture

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