Balanced nutrient promotes bamboo-based formula fertilization

The technical core of soil testing and formulating fertilization mentioned in agriculture and forestry production is to regulate and solve the contradiction between crop demand fertilizer and soil fertilizer supply. What elements need to be supplemented in crops, how much they need to be supplemented, and how to achieve a balanced supply of nutrients to increase fertilizer use efficiency and reduce consumption, increase crop yields, improve product quality, save labor, and save money and income.

Soil testing and formula fertilization also apply to bamboo. Our province is rich in resources of bamboo. If comprehensive promotion and popularization of formula fertilization technology, the potential for increasing production is huge. There are generally three categories and six methods for soil testing and formula fertilization. The commonly used target yield method is described below.

First determine the target output. Take Taohuajiang Forestry Institute in Taojiang County as an example. The soil is sandy red soil with sandy shale and shale. The soil fertility is medium. The current Moso bamboo density is 208 plants/mu, DBH 10.5 cm, and the yield per plant is 23.45 kg. 4877 kg/mu, target production 5347 kg/mu, target increase 470 kg/mu.

Through the soil testing formula, it is concluded that the forest for Moso bamboo is to achieve the target yield, and the required amount of fertilizer is: 9.63 kg/mu of nitrogen fertilizer, 13.7 kg/mu of phosphate fertilizer, and 7.13 kg/mu of potassium fertilizer.

Fertilizer when applied to the ditch, acupuncture, can be applied. Gully Application: Open the horizontal ditch along the slope, with a depth of 20 cm, a width of 10 cm, and a ditch of 1 to 1.5 cm. After fertilization, cover the soil and compact it. Acupoints: The depth of the base of the bamboo poles is 30 cm above the base and the depth is 20 cm, and the width is 10 cm. The meniscus is covered with earth and compacted after fertilization.蔸 施: Open up all the septae in the cutting within the last year, cover with soil after fertilization and compaction.

Fertilization period: the fall of the pregnancy bamboo shoots fertilizer 8 to 10 months, spring bamboo shoots fertilizer from mid-January to early February, Shi, whipping fertilizer 5 to 6 months.


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