Soil moisture control in greenhouses

Greenhouse planting needs to control the temperature and humidity inside, as well as the light intensity, and transform the environment inside into an all-environment environment suitable for plant growth. Here we will introduce the control of the moisture in the greenhouse.

The technology of water saving in seepage irrigation is to bury the macromolecule micropore tube in the ground or on the ground surface, use low-pressure water to infiltrate the moist soil, and then use the pores of the soil to spread the water and nutrients into the surrounding soil for absorption by the root of the crop. use.

The polymer micro-porous pipes are arranged according to the crop planting lines, one for each line or two lines, depending on the actual planting situation. The permeation tube is close to the root and laid on the surface of the soil or buried underground. The surface of the permeation tube can be covered with a plastic film. The length of the permeation tube is 30 to 50 meters, and the pressure of the water source is 0.05 to 0.10 Pa. Irrigate one or two times a day for 15 minutes each time. Compared with other water-saving equipment, it can increase production by 30%, and has lower water quality requirements and is less likely to be clogged.

For soil moisture measurement, we can use a soil moisture recorder, which can record soil temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, and dew point in real time. The instrument is small and portable for outdoor operation.

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