Cultivation of Chinese cabbage in summer

It is necessary to choose heat-resistance, disease-resistance, and early-maturing varieties in order to use unripe varieties of high-temperature, rainy or dry summers to adversely affect the growth and development of summer cabbage. Should choose to under the conditions of high temperature and long days of the ball tight, shortened stems do not significantly extend the resistance, growth period 45 to 55 days of varieties. The current promotion mainly includes Xia Yang and Xia Bai 45.

The cultivated land was selected for land with high topography, good irrigation and drainage conditions, and loose and fertile soil. Apply base fertilizer, high ridge cultivation. It is best to use garlic, onion, etc. to reduce the risk of viral diseases. Avoid neighboring with virulent virus disease crops such as watermelon and tomato, or use as a forehead. The summer cabbage has a short growth period and fast growth, and more organic fertilizer should be applied to improve the soil permeability and fertility retention.

The timely sowing of heat-resistant summer Chinese cabbage varieties is weak in winter, early sowing can be sown easily, and the ball is smaller; the sowing date is too late to achieve the purpose of increasing production and efficiency. Generally can be sowed in stages from May to July, in the ridge on the open seeding ditch, determine the planting distance sowing, 3300 ~ 3500 per mu is appropriate.

Pest control Xia cabbage is susceptible to soft rot, virus disease, aphids, cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moth, cocoon beetles and other hazards are also heavier. Prevention of viral diseases should strengthen watering and seedling protection, timely eradication and weeding, cutting off the route of transmission. To avoid the harm of aphids, a silver-gray shade net can be used to cover the seedlings of the nutrition seedlings, and the seedlings have 5 to 6 true leaves when planting. During the ball phase, attention should be paid to the prevention of soft rot. Liquid medicine should be sprayed on the petiole and stem, and the diseased plants should be promptly removed. Most heartburn diseases are caused by high temperature and drought, and fertilizer and water management should be strengthened.

Fertilizer promotes early fat and water attack, and promotes it in the end. Top dressing should be done a few times. Usually in the seedling stage and after the appropriate amount of irrigation fertilization. During the rosette stage and early ball stage, appropriate high-nitrogen compound fertilizers were applied on both sides of the furrows and appropriate ridges were formed and watered 1 or 2 times.

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