How many health risks are related to breakfast

Although everyone knows the phrase "Eat early, eat at noon and eat well late", why do you have to eat well in the morning? Hu Xiaoqi, an associate researcher at the Nutrition Research Institute of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, detailed the health risks associated with breakfast.

Driving at low blood sugar is as dangerous as drunk driving

The energy needed by the body comes mainly from sugar. After getting up in the morning, people had not eaten for about 10 hours and the stomach was empty. At that time, the blood sugar level fell to the eating level. After starting the activity, the brain and muscles consume sugar (ie, blood sugar), so blood glucose levels will continue to decline. At this time, if you do not eat or eat a low-quality breakfast, the body will not have enough blood sugar for consumption, and the body will feel tired, fatigued, irritable and irritated, reflecting dullness. According to relevant surveys conducted by American nutritionists, many car accidents are related to the low blood sugar level of the perpetrators, reflecting the dullness. Therefore, nutritionists warn the driving racers that driving with low blood sugar is as dangerous as driving with alcohol.

Do not eat breakfast faster

During sleep, the stomach is still secreting a small amount of stomach acid. If you do not eat breakfast, there is no food to neutralize stomach acid, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, leading to stomach upset, over time, it may cause gastritis, ulcer disease. Without breakfast, the human body has to use glycogen and protein stored in the body. As time goes by, it will cause dry skin, wrinkles and anemia, and accelerate the aging of the body. At the same time, the energy and nutrients provided by breakfast occupies an important position in the intake of all-day energy and nutrients. The relevant experiments abroad show that the nutritional deficiencies in breakfast intake are difficult to supplement in other meals and the quality of breakfast or breakfast is not eaten. Bad is one of the main causes of the lack of energy and nutrient intake throughout the day. In severe cases, it also causes nutritional deficiencies such as malnutrition and iron deficiency anaemia.

Also, an improvised breakfast is difficult to supplement with the water and nutrients consumed during the night, which can increase blood viscosity and increase the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction. Moreover, when fasting in the morning, the saturation of cholesterol in the body is high, and gallstones are easily produced without eating breakfast.

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