3D holographic imaging system comes out

Release date: 2010-11-26

The movie "Star Wars" in the ghost of Princess Lia appeared to the Jedi Knights for help, but the phantom of film shooting skills, but now 3D new technology can be achieved. American researchers have developed a 3D holographic image system that records 3D images of people or things that are moving somewhere, projecting them in another, and the system is close to real-time operation.

The team led by University of Arizona researcher Nasser Pehamba developed a new technology that allows viewers to view 3D images scanned from a distance on a transparent plastic screen without the need for any 3D glasses. Update in two seconds. Pehamba pointed out that the system still has shortcomings, such as increasing the size of the image, speeding up the update, increasing the color range of the system, etc., may be developed in the next seven to ten years. The research team will also produce a real 3D video film, and hope to launch home products within ten years, so that the family audience does not need to wear 3D glasses.

In the latest issue of Nature Magazine, a 3D update imaging technology demonstration was published, with the model being a model of a jet aircraft. In the prototype system, sixteen cameras were installed for shooting at various angles. After the camera scanned the aircraft model, the information was transmitted to the calculator, and the 3D image connection was projected to another location using the Internet high-speed connection. The photorefractive polymer on the screen. The screen device consists essentially of a special plastic film sandwiched between two pieces of glass, each of which is covered with a transparent electrode. The image is refracted in a photosensitive plastic using a laser beam and an applied electric field, called a photorefractive polymer. Payham added that the more cameras you use, the more realistic the image is.

The 3D update hologram imaging system is expected to be widely used, including telemedicine, 獭 獭 缁 缁 嵋椤 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设 假设Physicians from all over the world can have a 360-degree vision around them, just like patients lying in front of them, they can work together for surgery. The system can also point the pilot to the dangers surrounding the entire airspace, or allow the emergency response team to view rapidly changing floods or earthquake conditions, or serious traffic accidents in real time. In the future, when you walk into the department store, you will not see the plan of the product, but the dynamic, 3D product display.

Source: Zhongxin Net

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