Problems Needing Attention in Artificial Insemination of Pigs

In the past ten years, pig artificial insemination technology has made great progress and breakthroughs. Through the use of artificial insemination technology, it is possible to produce commercial pigs with a fast birth rate and a high lean meat ratio. They are not introduced through the use of semen from off-site princess warfare. Live pig breeds can prevent severe disease transmission while also obtaining high-quality genes.

In the past ten years, pig artificial insemination technology has made great progress and breakthroughs. Through the use of artificial insemination technology, it is possible to produce commercial pigs with a fast birth rate and a high lean meat ratio. They are not introduced through the use of semen from off-site princess warfare. Live pig breeds can prevent serious disease transmission and at the same time obtain high-quality genetic inheritance. Therefore, artificial insemination is a modern technology with the fastest introduction and development in the history of pig raising in the West. In recent years, this technology has also developed faster in our country and has achieved good results. The author combines the research on artificial insemination at home and abroad to summarize the issues that need attention in the work of artificial insemination in pigs. for reference.

Sow management

The effective insemination before insemination depends on the sow's ability to be pregnant. Therefore, the weaned sow should maintain a good body condition. After weaning, it is possible to carry out aphrodisiac supplementation to promote normal ovulation of the early estrus of the sow. In addition, the sow should be given 40 days after fertilization. Reduce various stresses such as injecting vaccines in parallel. To ensure that the sow reproductive tract health sows postpartum, such as reproductive tract infections and other serious inflammation, not timely treatment will affect the next childbirth so in the production of sows found to have reproductive tract inflammation and postpartum diseases to be treated promptly, can not wait until the insemination Treatment, which will not be worthwhile, will affect the sow's long service life. So it is not easy to lose sperm immediately 1 hour before feeding, or not feed one hour before mating, so as to avoid the death of spermatozoa into spermatozoa. , And after the pig eats material, the blood circulation gastrointestinal ministry XY is reluctant to walk, and it is easy to return. Problems that should be paid attention to in the process of smoothing, grasping the best timing of tree fineness, finding the correctness of the sow's estrus, and accurately grasping the best timing of the sow's conception are the key to ensuring the success or failure of the sow's conception. The sow's estrus usually changes from excitement to dumbness. The static reflection shows that the mucus is thin and viscous. This is the timing of the first insemination. If you can accurately grasp the timing of insemination, you can ensure a good conception rate and farrowing rate. The second insemination is an increase. The guarantee factor for the conception of pregnancy is that the production of sows is 12 to 12 hours of production of sows for 12 hours. During the production process, attention should be paid to the first insemination, multiple inseminations should be avoided, and the static reflection of more than one week after weaning can be considered. Immediate insemination.

The sow avoids approaching the boar or smells the boar at least one hour prior to delivery. This avoids the sow's excitement and is detrimental to insemination and pregnancy. The sow's sow can drive it to the boar and reach the public. Pigs, 2 times a day 5min sow insemination every day should not be subjected to external stress, fertilization process is a complex physiological process, the uterus and fallopian tubes in a common law of hormones and nerves to move in order to promote sperm and egg In combination with operation and implantation, the sows are kept in a single bar during insemination, providing a comfortable and quiet environment. On the other hand, the insemination time should soothe the sow, the action should not be out of urgency, and prevent the sow from being overly stressed. The process should be 3 - 10 minutes. After the insemination, after the insemination, do not immediately clean the battlefield or change the sow, but also continue to stimulate the sow, generally require that the insemination stimulation should be from 8 minutes before insemination Continue until 15 minutes after completion. Don't beat the sow's buttocks firmly after insemination. This will reduce sow's buttocks muscle contraction and reduce part of the semen's outflow. Producing hormones, such as reproductive hormones, which will reduce the sow uterus contraction affect sperm migration to the womb, there will be an impact on sperm and eggs, in fact, before and after fertilization stress on the pregnancy rate will affect the semen back to reduce semen in the uterus, Therefore, it is necessary to observe carefully in the insemination process. If the semen should be inseminated after a large return, it should be separated by 2 hours in order to allow the sow to rest. The sow should be avoided within ten minutes after the end of insemination. Under the pig will make the abdominal pressure increases, easy to cause semen back, if the sow her litter should be gently driven away, can not be harsh treatment of the stress caused by the sow, but also to avoid the sow cold water will stimulate the stomach Intestinal contraction causes semen backflow. To avoid the last insemination is too late, because estrogen will fall rapidly after the end of the estrus, and the uterine resistance will drop rapidly. At this time, microorganisms in the insemination fluid can easily cause uterine infection, semen It will remain in the sow's reproductive tract for more than 24 hours, so more than three inseminations are not obvious for fertilization. Boar training boars in the sows should not be kept in the same column.

Many people think that this can promote estrus in sows. In fact, the condition of the estruss of sows is not necessarily better than that kept separately. However, the masturbation of boars increases, XY decreases, and the abnormal elimination rate increases. It was found that boars and sows were raised together and their sexual behavior was inhibited.

Many boars are even slower boars. Boar aging is more prominent. Aging boar sperm have low-energy phenomenon. Heritability and birth rate are not heritable. Therefore, boars over 2 years old should not be used. In the pig farms, 50 to 70 percent of boars are used each year to provide superior feeding and management conditions for boars. The quantity and quality of semen should be guaranteed. The comfortable ambient temperature of the boar should be controlled at 20 degrees and the relative humidity controlled at 100 percent. The 70 feed also has a great influence on the quality of the boar semen. Unbalanced feeding may cause the boar XY to fall and other problems. The boar's body condition is too fat or too thin may cause the decline of semen quality, regular movement and regular mining. The essence is to maintain the good XY and semen quality of the boar. Long-term immunity and deworming are also necessary to maintain the best health of the boar. Newly introduced boars must undergo rigorous testing to use, each artificial insemination The boar will produce 2,000 offspring each year, so the detection of its semen quality is essential. At least 12 sows should be used for semen mating tests to confirm that their conception rate is waiting for the production of sows. After testing the offspring of the new boar for genetic defects, some young boars are very sensitive during semen collection. It is necessary to pay attention to establish their confidence. First of all, the new boar must be trained to quickly and accurately climb a false sow table, and a hair can be used. The sow is locked in the column of the dummy sow to stimulate the XY of the boar. The collection of the young boar semen should not be more than one time per week. The operator should pay attention to the issue of semen contamination during the financial period. Semen contamination is usually present. Dust from the air, use of unclean utensils and poor sanitary conditions, such as rubber gloves can contaminate the semen, because the rubber gloves indicate the presence of chemical substances such as talcum powder, have killing effect on sperm, do not only take the ejaculation process when semen In the thicker part, boar ejaculation is usually concentrated from early to late, and finally dilute. This contains the buffered and nutrient-promoting gonad fluid. Only the thick part is used. The sperm survival time is short and must be within 30 minutes. Completion of dilution and insemination, careful examination of semen quality before insemination If not strictly checking the quality of the semen may cause the quality of the breeding to decline, the color of normal semen It is milky or slightly grayish white, and the boar's distinctive awakening taste is not allowed to be used. Fresh semen requires vitality above 0.7. After 15-18 degrees of preservation, semen activity should be above 0.6, and the deformity rate should not exceed 15 percent.

Diluent can not be used immediately after mixing to treat semen. It should be a certain period of time for the buffer to undergo a chemical reaction. It must be for one hour. Therefore, the dilution must be prepared one hour before the sperm collection. If the use is not pure or it takes too long. The raw material will cause the semen quality department to be stable, the dilution water should be pure, it is best to use double distilled water or deionized water, absolutely can't use tap water, use different insemination ways to have a certain influence on the sperm, it is better to use thinner bottle wall In the self-flowing bottle, the insemination of the vas deferens slightly upward, and the natural contraction of the sow will suck the semen into the uterus. Generally, it takes 5 to 6 minutes for the automatic absorption. Also note that the incorrect insertion position of the vas deferens can lead to loss of semen and internal uterus. The tissue is damaged and causes infection. The rate of insemination should be appropriate. Semen returning too quickly will return, usually should not be less than 5 minutes, insemination rate is not easy too slow, it is best not to exceed 15 minutes, the number of insemination is appropriate, estrus sow each situation Insemination should be insemination 2-3 times, interval 8-12 hours, too many times in the same affection will reduce the conception rate, because excessive semen input to the uterus will produce antibodies to the sow body, the more the number of insemination fluid Many pregnancy rates are not high.

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