Shaoxing Encourage the Establishment of Pension Agencies

Shaoxing Encourage the Establishment of Pension Agencies The aging of the modern society is becoming more and more serious. The daily care of special elderly people such as senior citizens, mentally disabled and disabled people has become a major problem for families and societies. The corresponding nursing beds in old-age care institutions are often difficult to obtain. The “Opinions on Deepening the Construction of the Social Old-age Care Service System” issued by the municipal government recently brought the Gospel to these elderly people. In the future, the city will focus on supporting the development of medical and nursing functions to provide elderly people with disabilities and dementia with long-term support. Nursing care-type pension service agencies to meet the needs of elderly care.

The suggestion is that by 2015, the city’s urban and rural communities will have full coverage of home-based care for the elderly, and basically form a well-planned layout of old-age care facilities; basic establishment of institutional aged care services focusing on care-based care, assisted support, and residential support In the model, there are more than 3 beds for elderly care services per 100 elderly people, of which the proportion of nursing-type beds is not less than 40%, and the proportion of socially-owned pension institutions accounts for more than 50%; and the needs assessment and subsidy system for old-age care services is fully established. The proportion of people enjoying government services purchased shall not be less than 3%; a group of large-scale elderly care service groups or chain service organizations shall be cultivated; and three-level old-age care service centers and townships of cities, counties (cities, districts) and townships (sub-districts) (Street) Comprehensive Social Welfare Center, Urban-rural Community Home Care Service Center (Station) The three-level organization management system and service network are constantly improved; the management of pension services is standardized and standardized.

The opinions were clear, and relevant departments at the city, county, and other levels planning should regard the construction of old-age service facilities as an equally important part of the community supporting facilities such as kindergartens, and include the scope of community supporting housing construction, according to the construction area of ​​15 to 20 square meters per 100 households. Standards, relatively centralized construction. In the preparation of the planning for the layout of the pension institutions, it is important to encourage the development of old-age care institutions that provide care services to the disabled and demented elderly, and to provide corresponding policies. In principle, each township (street) must build an old-age nursing home to renovate or build a nursing home, and then build an old-age care institution focusing on rehabilitation and nursing care, and incorporate it into a designated institution for medical insurance.

At the same time, the implementation of classification management of old-age care institutions, governments at all levels should focus on supporting the development of nursing care institutions for the elderly, given a certain degree of tilt in the policy. By 2015, all counties (cities, districts) will have at least one comprehensive demonstration public welfare agency that specializes in disability and dementia for the aged and provides services for the handicapped; all the township (street) nursing homes in the city will be transformed. It is a regional comprehensive social welfare center that integrates functions of support, foster care, day care support and home-based care services. It provides aged care services for rural low-income, senior citizens and disabled seniors, and provides demonstrations for rural home care services. stand by.

In addition, we actively encourage social forces to establish pension institutions and provide elderly care services for the elderly. Since 2012, the city finance has provided a series of subsidies for non-profit private pension institutions with 50 or more beds in the urban areas and legally obtained approval documents and civil and non-registered private pension institutions. Establishing the operating subsidy system for private pension institutions, starting from January 1st, 2013, the number of elderly persons who have stayed in the urban area for more than six months and counted as self-careers, will be lost. In the three conditions of energy and disability, the municipal finance will respectively provide an operating subsidy of no less than 20 yuan, 40 yuan, and 80 yuan per bed per month for the pension institution.

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