How to extend the life cycle of oil

1, to prevent the body oil spill oil leakage on the one hand will cause a waste of oil, on the other hand, the lower oil surface of the pool bottom will inevitably cause poor lubrication, leakage should be immediately identified, drain.

2. Keep the crankcase of the engine well ventilated

As the engine is working, some of the exhaust gas enters the crankcase along the piston and the cylinder wall. The high-temperature, high-pressure exhaust gas reacts with the engine oil to accelerate the oxidative deterioration and formation of gum and coke. Therefore, worn pistons, liners, or valve guide assemblies must be replaced in time to reduce exhaust squats. At the same time, we must always check whether the vents are unblocked, and ensure that the exhaust gas in the crankcase can be discharged in time.

3, to prevent the fuel from leaking into the oil pan

As the fuel sump will dilute the oil, the viscosity of the oil will drop and the lubrication will be lost prematurely. Therefore, the diesel engine requires a sufficient fuel supply pressure for the injection pump, good atomization of the injector, and reasonable throttle control to ensure complete combustion of the fuel.

4, to avoid the engine working under high temperature conditions

Water-cooled engines generally require a normal operating temperature of 80-95°C. Excessive temperatures will thin the engine oil and accelerate engine oil deterioration. Therefore, if it is found that the water temperature is too high, it should be immediately stopped and checked before troubleshooting.

5, regular maintenance of oil filter

Because of prolonged use, it will cause filter filter plugging. Severe blockage will force the safety valve to open. After the safety valve is opened, the unfiltered oil will directly enter the motion secondary surface, which will increase the wear of the parts and cause the oil pan The impurities accumulate and eventually accelerate oil failure. Therefore, the filter must be cleaned regularly and the filter element must be replaced.

6, regular cleaning oil pan

After a certain period of time, the engine oil will inevitably be polluted by the exhaust gas and generate many harmful substances. If the residual engine oil remaining in the engine is mixed with the new engine oil, the used engine oil will rot the new engine oil. Therefore, the oil pan, main oil passage and oil filter must be thoroughly cleaned when changing the oil. The method for cleaning the waste oil in the engine body is: after shutting down, remove the hot oil and add the same amount of clean diesel oil. After allowing the engine to run idly for 3-5 minutes, the net oil can be released.

7, choose the right brand of oil

Select engine oil according to the engine's instruction manual, and select the appropriate engine oil according to the changes of the season and the changes of the machine use location. Before replacing the oil, the lubricating oil tract should be cleaned in the same way as the scavenged oil in the machine body.

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