Flavored fish processing technology

1. Processing process Raw fish → pretreatment (cleaning, descaling, scouring, heading) → rinsing → draining → marinating → desalting → seasoning marinating → drying → inspection → slicing → weighing → packaging.
2. Processing method
2.1 Selection of Raw Materials Grass carp, herring, carp, etc. are used as the raw fish to process flavored fillet fish. The quality of the fish should be in accordance with pollution-free standards, requiring that the fish is complete, disease-free, and normal in color. Generally, grass carp and herring are 1.5kg or more. Fish 0.5kg/over.
2.2 Pre-cleaning the fish body, removing the fish scales, and then slaughtering, grass, herring to head to tail viscera, cut into pieces from the back, flesh at a thick place and then hit the knife, the squid removes the head lice and cuts the abdomen to remove Internal organs.
2.3 Rinsing The fish after slaughter is washed repeatedly with circulating water to remove stains, scales and debris. After rinsing, the fish should be removed and put into a bamboo basket to drain the water.
2.4 Marinate uses low-salt marinating techniques. Use salt to make up 4% to 5% of the fish's body weight. Use the salt spread method to sprinkle a layer of salt on the bottom of the vessel. Then spread a layer of fish and salt to the container. At the end of the mouth, it was sprinkled with a salt seal. Marinate until the halogen, timely pressurize with stones, so that all the fish immersed in brine, pickled brine 5-6 days.
2.5 Desalinated fish are washed in brine and soaked in fresh water for 1-2 hours.
2.6 Seasoning marinating Remove the desalted fish and dip it in the seasoning liquid for 2-3 hours and turn it so that the seasoning liquid is fully and evenly infiltrated. The seasoning liquid mainly uses natural spices (prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, lotus leaf, etc.) for compounding, and the appropriate amount of salt, sugar, cooking wine and the like are added, which can not only make the product more fragrant but also have good antiseptic effect.
2.7 Drying Drain the seasoned fish with the juice water and dry it with a hot air in the drying tunnel. The temperature of the fish body should not exceed 35 °C in the drying process to prevent the appearance of dry, wet and moisture drying.
2.8 Cut dried fish fillets are generally cut into 3-4cm cubes, and the squid can be cut whole.
3. Packed cut fillet fish After weighing, use clean, transparent food-grade film plastic bags for vacuum packaging. The packed baguette is then placed in a carton and placed flat. The carton is glued with a sealing tape.
4. Stored products should be placed in a clean, dry, cool, airy place.

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