These problems of Chinese medicine pill machine affect the quality of pills

Chinese medicine pelleting machine is mainly a commonly used pelleting equipment for the production of Chinese herbal medicine into pellets. Chinese medicine pill machines can change many Chinese medicines into convenient ways for people to take them, such as concentrated pills or capsules. At present, some Chinese patent medicines are processed by Chinese medicine pellet-making machines, and those Chinese medicines are processed by different ingredients to make pills that are convenient for people to use.

Specifically, the Chinese medicine pelletizing machine feeds the mixed or refined medicine into the silo, and under the extrusion of the auger, three strips of the same diameter are produced, which are synchronized by the guide wheel and the straightener. Enter the pill wheel and make a quick and uniform study to make a pill of uniform size. Because the pelletizing roller is treated by special process, it does not stick to the drug, and does not need alcohol, dusting or dripping oil, which ensures that the product is not polluted during the pelleting process and ensures the product quality.

At present, China's demand for medicines is very large. The Chinese medicine pellet-making machine provides great convenience for the pharmaceutical industry to produce medicines. It is an ideal pellet-making machine for pharmaceutical factories, health food factories and hospital preparation rooms, clinics and pharmacies. It is reported that the Chinese medicine pelletizing machine can produce honey pills, concentrated pills, water pills, and pellets, and can also be coated and dried to make the prepared pills even and beautiful.

The author has learned that there are two kinds of Chinese medicine pelleting machines, one is semi-automatic and the other is fully automatic. Some buyers said that the automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine is convenient and easy to use, and it is only necessary to pulverize the pill and put it into the machine. Although convenient, many people still do not know the quality of the pelletizer when purchasing equipment.

Experts remind that the top cover of the Chinese medicine pill making machine can be disassembled. After disassembling, you can see if the bearing inside the equipment is smooth. Whether the speed can reach the standard in the manual under simple test, because it is important in the equipment. component. The quality of the bearing will directly affect the pellets produced.

In addition, some Chinese medicine pill machines emit sound when they are running, and some devices do not have a sound decibel that is smaller than the sound of many large machines. If you find that a machine will make a loud sound when you make a purchase, it is definitely an old-fashioned design.

It is a problem to purchase equipment, but when these problems occur in the Chinese medicine pill machine, the relevant personnel should still deal with and solve the problem in time. When the pills are irregular, there is a high probability that there is a problem with the bearings. Under normal circumstances, the pills produced by the Chinese medicine pill making machine are in the shape of a circular shape. If there is a problem with the bearing, the manufactured pill will be irregular, or elliptical or strip-shaped.

If the pill does not produce a pill, it is also a problem with the bearing. It is reported that the operation process of the Chinese medicine pill making machine is to put the pressed strip-shaped medicine into the granules, which takes about 1 to 2 seconds, and the formed pills will come out from the feeding port. If the strip-shaped medicinal material is placed in the nipple, but the pill is not seen from the unloading port for a long time, it indicates that there is a problem in the bearing.

If the shot time is more than 3 seconds and is extended or slowed down, most of the reason is also because the bearing speed is too slow. If this happens, check the bearing for any debris that has not been cleaned, as the residue will prevent the bearing from functioning properly. If there is no corresponding residue, you need to ask the maintenance personnel to check and repair.

From this point of view, people still have to confirm the relevant parts, such as bearings, when purchasing the Chinese medicine pill machine, carefully check from inside to outside. In addition, the Chinese medicine pill machine equipment enterprises should also adhere to the corporate philosophy of “technology-based, market-oriented, quality-oriented, service-seeking survival” under the premise of quality production, and promote the innovation and development of the Chinese medicine pill machine industry.

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