Sunflower white star flower turtle

Scientific name Potosia (Liocola) brevitarsis (Lewis) Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae. Alias ​​white-grained copper flower turtle, white star flower potential, white star beetle, copper gram. Located in the Northeast, North China, Huanghuaihai and other places.

The traits of adults kill the flowers of sunflower, corn, vegetables, and fruit trees. When pests damage the corn, they become pests and damage the sunflower flower disk, causing it to rot.

Morphological characteristics Adult body length 17-24mm, width 9-12mm. Oval, with bronze or bronze luster, many irregular white cashmere spots spread on the body surface. The front edge of the lip base folds upwards, concave, with borders on both sides, sloping laterally; tentacles dark brown; compound eyes prominent; thoracodorsal plate with irregular white velvet spots, posterior margin mid-concave; pronotum posterior horn There is a triangle between the leading edge of the Coleoptera is very significant, that is, the posterior side of the chest; Coleoptera wide, nearly rectangular, covered with large engraved points, white cashmere spot is mostly lateral wavy; hip plate short and wide, each side has 3 The white velvet spots are arranged in a triangle; white velvet spots are on both sides of the abdominal 1-5 webs; the feet are thick and strong, and the white velvet spots are on the knees; the outer end angles are sharp after the basement of the hind foot; the outer edges of the front foot tarsal are 3 teeth. There are two bending claws at the top of each foot.

Life habits occur one generation a year. Adults began to appear in early May and June-July occurred in the peak period. Adults are active during the day, have a pseudo-dead nature, have a tendency towards vinegar vinegar, and have a strong flying habit. They often gather in flowers and corn filaments that cause damage to the vegetables, and lay eggs in the soil. Most larvae feed on corruption and travel on their backs.

Prevention methods (1) See Northeastern Great Black Turtle. (2) Hang the fine-mouthed bottle on the sunflower or corn and near the tree in the initial period of the white-winged golden tortoise, use the bottle or the washed waste pesticide bottle, the bottle height is 1-1.5m, and put it in the bottle. 2-3 white-flowered beetles, when the white-flowered beetles in the field fly to the bottle, they first crawl near the bottle's mouth, and then fall into the bottle. Each 667m2 can be bottled 40 to 50 to kill the white-flowered beetle, and the effect is excellent.

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