Application of microbial fertilizer precautions

1, can not be soaked in water for a long time, the application of dry and wet irrigation in rice fields, can promote the activity of biological bacteria, accelerate the growth of seedlings. In the case of aerobic microorganism-based products, try not to use them in rice fields. 2. The metabolites secreted by microbial fertilizers have drought resistance, but soils with severe drought conditions will affect the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. The soil moisture content of microbial fertilizers is 50%-70%. 3, microbial fertilizer for soil-based application or seed fertilizer is better than stem and leaf spray. 4. The optimum application time of microbial fertilizers is early morning and late evening or no rain and cloudy days. This can prevent ultraviolet rays in sunlight from killing microorganisms in fertilizers. 5, the microbial agent is generally about 2 kilograms of mu, and the amount of rice and cotton is slightly higher. 6, the microbial agent coupled with farmyard fertilizer, compared with half the chemical fertilizer reduction, the mu can save at least 20-40 yuan, the use of microbial agents have the function of pest control and disease resistance, to reduce the amount of Pesticide injection and increase production, the efficiency is more considerable. 7, when the microbial inoculum stems and leaves spray, the general 0.5 kg should be about 50 kg of water, as long as the back spray on the line. 8. After the microbial fertilizer is applied to the soil, there is a process of adaptation, growth, supply, and reproduction. Generally, after 15 days, the microbial fertilizer can exert its effect, see results, and provide long-term, balanced supply of crop nutrition. 9. Microbial fertilizers contain active organisms and require relatively strict soil conditions. Attention must be paid to the effective application conditions when using them, and operating in strict accordance with the instructions for use of the products. Otherwise, it is difficult to obtain good results. 10, microbial fertilizer should not be put for a long time, after the unpacking should be promptly applied. Store in a cool, dry place before application. Avoid heat, moisture and direct sunlight. 11. Microbial fertilizers can be applied singly, but they cannot be used as a substitute for chemical fertilizers. They are better mixed with other fertilizers.

Excerpted from China Agricultural Press>

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