Pear Orchard Interplanting Winter Beans Cultivation Technology

Deciduous fruit trees in winter orchards have sufficient illumination and large free space. They are suitable for interplanting leguminous crops and have the dual effects of raising land and increasing economic returns.

1 Land selection

Choose an orchard with more fertile soil, good ecological environment and abundant water resources.

2 sowing

(1) Sowing time: The best time is from mid-late October in the northwest to late October in southeastern Yunnan.

(2) Seed treatment: 1-2 days before sowing. Every 10 kilograms of seeds are immersed in 15 ml of 150 ml of “Schiller” fungicide.

(3) Sowing density: In the orchard, according to the space of the land, dig holes at a spacing of 1*0.5 meters. About 1,000 holes per acre or so.
(4) After pouring enough water for each hole, apply 0.2 kg of organic fertilizer + 0.1 kg of 45% compound fertilizer as base fertilizer, and sow 1 large bean broad bean or 2-3 small grains of broad bean or 3 peas per hole. Cover fine soil 3-5cm after sowing.

4 Water and fertilizer management

2-3 pieces of real-leaf mu urea 5 kg +0.5 kg of borax with water pouring, the initial flowering urea 5 kg + potassium chloride 5 kg, combined with topdressing once weeding soil. Flowering period, depending on seedlings per acre urea 2-5 kg. During the flowering and mature period, the soil is required to be kept moist, and the budding period, the beginning stage, and the grain stage generally require water replenishment.

5 Thinning topping

During the budding period, the empty branches and weak branches of the flowers will be eliminated to improve the ventilation and light transmission between the plants. When the flowering branches in the field reach 90% or more, they will promptly hit the top of each branch after sunny dew and dry. Centimeters, promote sitting, and foliar spray with 0.5% KH2PO4 + 0.3% borax solution.

6 Pest control

The main prevention of aphids, red spot disease, virus disease and so on. During the seedling and vegetative growth period, locusts, pyrimazine or chlorfenapyr are used to control aphids and prevent the spread of viral diseases. From the flowering stage to the early stage, 50% carbendazim WP 600 times or 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 1000X or 1:1:200 Bordeaux spray is used to prevent red spot disease.

7 harvest

The pods were full of grains and husks were harvested before the umbilical color change, and harvested in time.

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