The taboo of eating 37 powder


Sanqi powder is recommended to adhere to regular service: long-term use of powder 37 may Huoxue Tongluo, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, blood fat, liver fibrosis treatment.

Do not overdosage: People who normally have normal constitutions take a total of about 10 grams a day on Sanqi powder and take it in 2 doses.

Take it in the morning: In the morning, take up to about 3 grams of Sanqi powder and serve it with warm water. Can enhance immunity, anti-aging and other functions.

Taken at night: Taking Sanqi powder is best taken before meals to help improve sleep. If you take a small amount after a meal, it is best not to exceed 3 grams. Take it too much at night and have excitement. It is best not to take Sanqi powder before going to bed, because taking Sanqi powder is prone to thirst.

Pregnant women are prohibited from using: During pregnancy, women are prohibited from taking powdered powder. This is the same reason that pregnant women cannot take many Western medicines.

During the cold: during colds and colds, you cannot take Sanqihua. Because Sanqi flowers are cool and cool, they will add to cold and cold, and Sanqi powder may be warm, so you can take it during a cold or cold. In case of a fever and cold, it is not advisable to take 37 powder.

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