Crops fertilization to prevent seven errors

In mountainous areas, the level of farmers' farming is low, there are many misunderstandings, and the phenomenon of improper fertilization is prone to occur, resulting in poor fertilizer efficiency, slow effect, and even plant death. Therefore, during the fertilization process, Sichuan Yufeng reminds you to pay attention to the following issues:

Misunderstanding 1: During fertilization, near the stem of the plant, the fertilizer is easily absorbed. Plants absorb nutrients in the root hair area, plant stems and roots (except for the root hair area) little or no absorption, fertilization? close to the stem (except for the seedling stage), fertilizer is not easily absorbed, if too much fertilizer If the concentration is too large, it is also prone to "burning seedlings".

Misunderstanding 2: After the crops appear to lack fertilizer, fertilize again. It takes 3-5 days for the fertilizer to be applied to the paddy field before it can be absorbed and utilized by the crop. The dry land usually takes 5-7 days. Therefore, when the crop is fertilized after fertilization, it will cause the crop to lose fertilizer for a long time and cause a reduction in production. Therefore, fertilization should be based on the characteristics of crops that need fertilizer.

Myth 3: As long as the crops grow well in nutrition, high yields can be achieved. The growth of crops includes two stages of vegetative growth and reproductive growth (except for leafy vegetables and meat stem crops). In the early stage, nitrogen fertilizer should be used as the main ingredient to promote vegetative growth, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be used in the middle and later stages to promote reproductive growth. . The application of three-layered coating and graded release of the grain compound fertilizer produced by Sichuan Yufeng has played an important role in the high productivity of the crop.

Misunderstanding 4: As long as fertilizer is applied, there will be fertilizer effect. The fertilizer effect of fertilization is related to many conditions such as soil properties, crop varieties, nutrient release characteristics of fertilizers, etc. If the effects of various factors are not fully considered, nutrient loss and even lack of fertilizer can easily be caused. Sandy soil fertility is fast, but the loss is also fast, and the principle of less application and multiple times should be adopted. In the case of clay loam, the efficiency of fertilizer application is slow, and sufficient basal fertilizer should be applied to apply fertilizer early. Potassium fertilizer has good solubility, but the loss is fast. Organic fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer have slower efficiency and less loss. They should be applied early.

Misunderstanding 5: Only pay attention to the amount of fertilizer, do not pay attention to nutrient content. Some compound fertilizers with low active ingredient content or even no nutrients appearing on the market are very popular in rural areas due to their low prices. Farmers continue to fertilize their fertilizing habits with high levels of compound fertilizers. As a result, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are insufficient. This results in the occurrence of crop failure and nutrient deficiency and affects the yield and quality.

Misunderstanding 6: Fertilization is more, and efficiency is higher. According to the principle of diminishing returns, when the fertilization reaches a certain amount, the input-output ratio decreases, and the benefit decreases. If you fertilize too much, you will lose production. The high-concentration potassium sulfate (type) compound fertilizer produced by Sichuan Aofeng is scientifically fertilized, adapted to local conditions, and has a right amount of research on the amount of use. It is not wasteful and more practical.

Misunderstanding 7: Pay attention to a large number of elements and ignore trace elements. A large number of elements are the basic elements on which crops depend. However, if trace elements are not added, plant malformations, falling flowers, fruit production, and quality degradation will be caused. Therefore, while applying a large number of elements, it is necessary to apply various trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc, boron, etc. in order to ensure the normal growth of the crops in light of the characteristics of the crop's fertilizer requirements and the composition of soil nutrients.

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